It Wakes…

There isn’t really a punchline to this one. It just carries the story along with sitcom-like predictability. There! I critiqued my own comic so now you don’t have to! 1012014cropped1 1012014cropped2


101 Creative Uses for a Pencil

Stranded on Earth is back from vacation, ready to resume inflicting more weirdness upon you. The main story will continue next week, but for now, enjoy this one-shot. Updates every Monday! 9152014cropped

Some Have Research Assistance Thrust Upon Them



Hello Gentle Readers! For about four weeks, Stranded on Earth will go on hiatus while the author does some traveling. Stay tuned for more bumbling adventures in September!


Meanwhile, Back on Larsonia

Editor’s note: Consider all dialogue between Larsonians to be in the Larsonian language, translated into English here for your privileged enjoyment.