Stranded on Earth: The Story

OswagFriendly, genuine, and sweet, if a little naive, Oswag has landed on Earth ostensibly for “research purposes”. He claims to be on assignment for the “Larsonian Transportation Commission”, but apparently he needed to make an emergency landing. He depends on the goodwill of John Bugeye and Joe Mosquito to assist him on his mission and help him return to Larsonia.

John Bugeye

Dashing! Daring! Debonair! None of those terms describe John Bugeye, but he’d certainly like them to. Though delusional may be a more accurate term for John, he nevertheless is open, outspoken, and adventurous. He rooms with Joe Mosquito, and often finds himself getting into messes that Joe feels compelled to clean up.

Please do notJoe Mosquito stare at Joe Mosquito’s nose. He’s very sensitive about it. In fact, Joe is a wriggling ball of anxious sensitivity, but he has a maternal streak in him that sometimes overrides his nerves with clear and determined thinking, especially whenever John mucks things up. Joe keeps the house running smoothly, except when triggered, in which case he’ll typically retreat to his “Cushion of Safety”.


As Oswag’s wife, Shemmah holds down the fort back on Larsonia with their children, Sleezla and Bozak, and the family dog, Joebeez. An aging knockout, Shemmah tends to revel in the nostalgia of her younger days, before she settled down to family life. Feeling trapped like a maiden in a tower, she secretly longs for a new adventure. Oswag’s absence may provide the opportunity.


Oswag and Shemmah’s teenage daughter Sleezla grew up to become an independent, creative, and politically aware young woman. Though an idealist at heart, her resistance to cultural norms has often made her a target of ridicule; thus, sarcasm and cynicism have become her armor of choice. Beyond those defenses, however, is an artist who yearns to be understood and do good in the world.


Bozak is a strange little beast. He is Oswag and Shemmah’s only son, and he has his own room in the basement where he prefers to dwell, tinkering with machines, and performing odd experiments with his dog, Joebeez, who, at the moment, also seems to be his only friend. His family would LIKE to know what he’s up to, but they’re a little afraid to pry.

©2014-2017, Erin Hughes, All Rights Reserved

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