SoE Profile

The author’s face is permanently stuck this way.

Stranded on Earth is the name of my comic underworld. In it, you’ll find a story about an alien named Oswag just trying to figure this whole life-on-Earth thing out. He’s also got a family back on his home planet of Larsonia trying to figure the whole life-without-Dad thing out. There is also a separate story involving a macabre, lonely, but sweet little girl named Leora who occasionally summons her demon friend, the Grumptipus, for advice and companionship. Lastly, you’ll find tons of random one-off comics, Magnificent Randos, that come around whenever they strike me. Currently, I’m developing a new thread called The Egghead Plushpuppets, an anachronistic puppet show that channels my rage through political and social satire. Enjoy!


P.S. If you’re curious about my influences, here are some artists who’ve inspired me:

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