Bobblehead Erin

The author as bobblehead, 2009

Stranded on Earth is a developing webcomic that explores human foibles through an outsider’s perspective, or rather, through the googly eyes of frog-like alien beings from the planet Larsonia. These Larsonians will unfortunately get their cultural introduction to Earth through a couple of hapless humans by the names of John Bugeye and Joe Mosquito. See Stranded on Earth: The Story for more info on them and a thumbnail gallery of all the comics related to Oswag et al.

“But author, who the hell are you??”

I’m glad you asked. My name is Erin Hughes, and I’ve been drawing these characters since I was but a wee one, not more than seven years old. These guys have grown and                                                                                           changed with me and I felt it was high time to share them with                                                                              the world. Curious about my influences? Here are some artists                                                                              who’ve inspired me:


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